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Thank you Natalie and Carrie-Anne and all of you who have posted so honestly about your own struggles and challenges. Learning from you all has been a gift. I entered this month with the expectation of gaining insight and perspective but I didn’t expect the transformation that I feel. I feel truly humbled by what I’ve been learning about myself and energized by the fact that I can see such a change in my own contentment and the relationships around me already. I’ve had less tantrums and shouting from my girls in the last two weeks and my eldest has opened up and talked more about her days, a true measure that this is genuinely working for us.

— Melanie
I have to say that the information and conversations by Natalie and Carrie-Anne as well as the questions and comments from all of the students in this course are mind-blowing and life changing for me right now. It surprises me so much how well this approach works. It’s magic and it’s so easy and I don’t know why it is not out there in the world for everybody to use!

— Sonja
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This has been such an amazing month, thank you ALL! I have gained such wonderful tools from the lessons here and from the sharing of stories/experiences in the comments and suggestions. The reframe has been powerful. I can already see the shifts in my family.

— Lisa